Getting Used to New Eyeglasses

August 18th, 2017

Nowadays, many people need to wear glasses to improve their eyesight. Many eye conditions can be treated by wearing eyeglasses. When wearing glasses for the first time or wearing them to correct a particular eye condition such as presbyopia and astigmatism, it can take a bit of time getting use to them. Following are some tips that will help one become accustomed to wearing glasses for the first time.

What to Expect with New Eyeglasses

The length of time needed to adjust will be different from person to person. Factors influencing adjustment time include the specific prescription and the kind of visual impairment involved, look You can expect to experience some shifting in your vision as your brain learns to re-coordinate its processing of visual information from your eye to accommodate the correction from the new lenses.

When first wearing glasses, you can also experience mild headaches as part of that change in sight. Stronger prescriptions and more severe visual impairments may lead to a longer, more difficult adjustment period.

Tips on Adjusting to New Glasses

Wear glasses correctly: The glasses should sit on your face so that your eyes look directly through the center of the lenses. Select frames that are comfortable and fit properly. Avoid the urge to take your new glasses off to make yourself more comfortable. This will only make your brain have to adjust to the changes in your vision, and as a result, the adjustment period will take longer, and you'll experience more eyestrain headaches. So keep them on as long as you can.

Don't move your eyes: The brain needs time to adjust to looking straight through the center of the lenses. Any extra work just makes the process take longer, and the eyestrain will lead to more headaches. Moving the whole head keeps your eyes in place, centered in the new lenses.

Eliminate wearing old glasses: If you still wear your old glasses, it will take longer to adjust to the new glasses. It will also make your vision worse. If you're attached to your old frames for aesthetic reasons, it's worth the expense to replace the lenses with new ones.

Keep your lenses clean: Well, maybe not forever, but clean lenses are simply easier to see through. Don't make the adjustment harder than it needs to be by forcing your eyes and brain to look past your fingerprint smudge. It's worth the effort to get a solid case and put your glasses in it when you're not wearing them. Using a spray cleaner and cloth for especially glasses, available from any glasses retailer or eye doctor, will yield the best results. Handy tip-keep a cleaning cloth in your glasses case.

Buying Cheap Glasses Online

If you are new to wearing eyeglasses or are looking for a more affordable pair of new glasses, you can buy quality eyeglasses from top manufacturers and designers online. You'll likely be able to find a wide selection of frames at low prices. All you need to do is choose your glasses, use a credit card to pay, and submit your prescription when you place your order. It is a cheap, convenient, and time saving way of getting new glasses.