Follow the Fifth Noble Truth To Happiness

March 10th, 2017

It is important to coordinate mind, body and spirit to experience true success in life.

In my years of practicing Aikido, I have come across four certain truths called the Four Basic Principles of Aikido. Actually, there are really five of them and I call them the Five Noble Truths. I have found that the principles are not limited to martial arts but ones that you can use everyday to attract success into your life.


Keep One Point teaches you to keep focused.

If you are not focused, you are saying to the universe of success, "my mind is cluttered, there is no room for you."


If you are not relaxed, it is a big "Speak-to-the-Hand" sign to the Universe of Success. You are putting up a mental wall called stress.


Keep your weight underside or you will be saying to the Universe of Success, "The foundation of my house is weak. The light in my house may be on but nobody is home. So, I cannot fully appreciate, nor am I available to accept the parcel of success that comes to my door."


By not extending your ki energy, you will be saying to the Universe of Success, "I don't want to give my ki up to you. I just want to receive from you." The Universe will not answer.

To determine if each all of the Four Basic Principles have been mastered, one must successfully complete the following simple test. Take a Test: Remove the paper that the disposable chopstick comes in and break the chopstick with it, Karate-style.

Here's a Hint: If you followed the rules of this exam by thinking to yourself, "Principle one, principle two, principle three:," you would FAIL miserably. The Universe of Success will not be able to hear you through all that chatter in your head.

If the Four Basic Principles were truly mastered, you will have broken the chopstick and opened up the Fifth Noble Truth.

THE FIFTH NOBLE TRUTH is: Forget Everything - Just Do

For example, when you learned how to drive a stick shift; you had to learn how to shift gears, step on the gas, work the dashboard and the brakes, never mind all the traffic rules. Remembering to do all of the steps at once resulted in frightened looks from people you almost ran over.

But things surprisingly changed after true mastery. You don't recall pulling out of the parking lot and you don't care because you are enjoying the smooth ride to success. This is the Fifth Noble Truth - Just Be. It's nothing new. When you open your mind to the Universe, happiness, business opportunities, relationships immediately open up just for you and you will be there to accept it.